Sales cures all ills.

Or so I’ve heard…. and for the company I’m at now, that makes sense. We need to sell product. If we don’t, I don’t get to pay my mortgage. If I don’t pay my mortgage, the bank has the pleasure of kicking me out and flipping my house.

I appreciate a good sales person. We have a solid sales team, and they make it happen. I know we wouldn’t be as penetrated in the market, or as successful as we are without them.

So my query for the day…

How do you deal with people selling you services? I’m a VP for the company, and because I’m on the web site, I get targeted by solicitations multiple times a day.

Microsoft Development GOLD Partner!
Mobile Development and Testing!
VOIP and Telecom installers!

These are examples of companies that have reached out this week. In the case of the Mobile folks, I have 8 emails reaching out. They even apologize for their persistence.

If they took 5 minutes to look at what we do, they’d probably figure out that mobile applications don’t typically work for our type of installations. We go in the bowels of a data center. We go in places that you’re not allowed to bring in a phone.
We don’t do mobile.

So.. do I respond nicely and say “No thank you”…. do I response with “Jump off a bridge”… or do I just ignore it?

So far, I’ve ignored it, and set up spam filters.. but is it better to respond?