Over the years, I’ve put a lot of thought into pivoting.   Not in the startup lingo, but in the data sense.   Pivot from one piece of data to another, in order to build a picture.

Data is all about pivoting.   When I’m investigating an alert, I very rarely have a good picture of all the events/correlating data surround an alert. This leads to some frustrating , repeated times for each alert triage.   Looking at external sources, internal sources, etc.

The ‘simplest’ challenge to solve would be to auto-pivot around the internal log data we have.   Since I’m a wanna-be SOC analyst, but a pretty good software engineer, I need to build some code that will auto pivot.  Basically, given a specific moment in time, or a specific net flow record, spider out until I get 6 degrees of separation.  Effectively, build my own graph database from log storage.

To the code!

I’ve started writing some code, and will probably post it here, as long as we don’t want to claim IP at Perch (https://perchsecurity.com), but , we may, so hang tight.  Keep an eye out here:


If this were Neo4J:

MATCH (a:Alert) – [] – (f:Flow) – [] – (n:NSM)

OPTIONAL MATCH (n) – [r:REFERS] – (n2:NSM {type:”HTTP”})

return a, n, f, n2

… or something like that.




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