Splunk is magical.   It is a wonderful technology that has allowed many practitioners the ability to slice and dice data, in ways that they couldn’t do before.  I’ve been on the user side, and the application developer side of things.  I’ve worked closely with folks within the Splunk organization over the year, and want to publicly say “It’s awesome!”

The challenge I’m finding with partners, clients, etc, is that Splunk gets expensive, fast.

We need to add data, but the more data we add, the pricier in gets.

In steps Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch is free/open source software that provides full text search capabilities in a highly scalable fashion.  Did I mention it’s free?  Just pay for hardware.

Throwing an Elastic cluster, and scaling it up, is a super simple task in a cloud provider like Elasticsearch.

One new topic for this blog, is migrating from Splunk to ES.  I’ll do a side by side to view inputs!



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