I’m experimenting with a few different ways of sharing information.  As a technology generalist**, I encounter a lot of tools to play with.  Frequently, I’ll want to get data into Elasticsearch, or want to load test different distributed data stores to see how performance is.   My plan is to post items on the blog here, but to also write a series of short technical books and self publish on Amazon.  The Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program allows me to do that.  My goal will be a regular bit of 50 – 100 page manuals on doing something.   Who knows. I’ll keep a list here (and if it doesn’t grow, I’m slacking!)

First Try Series

Quick introductory books into a technology to solve a real world problem.

First Try – AWS Application Deployment – Scaling a web application with Amazon Web Services

Monitor Your Home Network:  A How-To Guide to Monitoring a Small, Private Network

** (caveat the heck out of that statement, I’m most certainly an expert in a lot of things, but I have a real strong knack for picking up technologies very quickly)