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Finding Solid Information

Ever find an eye-opening new source of information? Not technical information, like javadocs (are they still a thing?), but personal growth information.

in the old days, we had technical sources like slashdot, freshmeat, digg  etc.. but, times have gone on, and now we have other places we can read regularly to keep up… here are some links and reasons why I love them:

Web Sites
https://www.reddit.com/r/programming/ – Lots of technical stuff.  New, updated code, procedures, standards, etc.

www.reddit.com/r/startups – I have a great deal of passion around new companies and people getting up, killing it and dragging it home.

https://techcrunch.com/ – Tech Crunch is great for big industry news, and a nice place to find information on up and comers

https://news.ycombinator.com/ – Hacker News – Great place for anything tech related, up and coming


Civics 101 – Not tech, but, crazy informative and a must listen for any US citizen and anyone who wants to learn how the US works.


Science Friday – Cause, Science


Source Code Podcast – This is new for me, and fantastic:



What am I missing out on?!

Tencent buys majority Supercell stake (for more than a few cents!)

Oh my goodness.  Not since the Instagram acquisition have I been BLOWN AWAY by the valuation of a company.  I realize that I know nothing about the revenue of Supercell, but a $10B valuation?   Wow!    Their new app, Clash Royale, has definitely swept the household’s phones/ipods, etc.. and that’s ALL the kid’s are playing these days.




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