I frequently work the tech booth in our church service.  My stations include lights, sound, and video. Our service streams to YouTube which is a fantastic outreach for potential new members, folks checking out the church or for our sick members when they’re home and still want to catch the sermon for the week.


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Control your PTZOptics camera or an Amcrest PTZ camera.  Links to purchase (referral, Amazon) are here:



Amcrest 1080P POE:


Apple App Store Link

You’re getting in on the app early.  I’m working through Beta versions of the app and I will be published in the Apple App store ASAP!   Forget spending $1,500 on other software packages.  If you have a tight/small/limited/non-existent budget, then this is the answer for you.

My church can come up with $34.99 so much easier than we can find a weekly volunteer to run two worship services.  It’s a no-brainer.  I built this app for me and that’s what tells me it’s going to be hit!