I searched consumerist.com and did a little Google-ing to see if I could find a reference, but couldn’t, so here goes.

One of the greatest movies of all times is “The Princess Bride”.  Look it up. Yes, it’s the best. 

The boys and I wanted to check it out the other day, I decided to figure out what the best way to stream it was.  We have a Netflix account, Hulu Plus, Apple TV, FiOS, etc… I started at Google, to see where to stream it:

Google search for 'Princess Bride Streaming' shows a paid ad for Netflix.

Google search for ‘Princess Bride Streaming’ shows a paid ad for Netflix.


Boom. Netflix.   Great, I think. Let’s go to old faitful Netflix, and watch it.  So, we get ready to watch, and it’s not streaming.   Umm.. Their paid for advertisement says I can stream it.

Netflix search, showing it's a real search, for "princess b"

Netflix search, showing it’s a real search, for “princess b”

Empty "Princess Br" search on Netflix.  No princess bride.

Empty “Princess Br” search on Netflix. No princess bride.

I’m sure it’s an automated Ad Words placement, and nothing nefarious, but this could be close to false advertising.